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40 Facts About Ethanol Movie Available

An online movie from RFA, entitled 40 Facts About Ethanol is available for viewing. Just click the link below!

40 Facts About Ethanol


Hey there --

This is a crucial moment for the future of renewable fuels in America.

We have just one more day while the Environmental Protection Agency takes public comments as it considers a request to "waive" the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

If the RFS is put on hold, so is the American economy. So is our country's steady march toward renewable fuels. So are billions in investments and hundreds of thousands of jobs in America's rural communities.

Make your voice heard before the October 11 deadline. Tell the EPA how valuable the Renewable Fuel Standard is to your community.

The EPA is taking public comments on this waiver request for only a few more days, so this is your only chance to influence this decision.

We've provided talking points and a sample letter to make it easy to make your voice he ard, but your comment will have the biggest impact if you use specific examples from your state and local community to show how important the RFS is to you.

By speaking out, you will be helping protect a program that has played a pivotal role in reducing oil imports to the lowest levels since 1996, lowering gas prices, improving air quality, and strengthening the economic health of rural America.

Send a comment now to the EPA in support of the RFS:


22nd Annual EPAC Biofuels Conference Presentatations And Pictures Online.

We've uploaded the pictures and presentations of many of our conference speakers, available in our Breaking News Section.


Click on the headlines below for each story; for details on these and ALL the latest stories on our EPAC site, click here!

RINs: The answer to more E-85 fuel pumps and the “blend wall.”
Thursday, August 8th 2013
North Carolinians want more renewable fuel
Tuesday, August 6th 2013
ACE to Congress: Big Oil Manipulating RIN Market
Saturday, August 3rd 2013
Friends of the Earth and Searchinger's flawed report
Sunday, July 21st 2013
EPA Seeks Comment on Barley, Corn Kernel Fiber as Biofuel Feedstocks
Sunday, July 21st 2013
Ethanol industry: RFS cuts GHG emissions, biofuels keep improving
Tuesday, May 28th 2013
Orchestrated Misinformation Campaigns Against Renewable Energy – Enough Already!
Sunday, May 19th 2013
Former energy secretary urges scientists to get more involved in setting energy policy
Wednesday, March 6th 2013
Ag Secretary Remarks From Ethanol Conference
Monday, February 11th 2013
40 Facts About Ethanol Movie Available
Monday, February 11th 2013

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Fax: 406-785-2252


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