EPAC (Ethanol Producers And Consumers) organized as a non-profit organization in 1991, with a thirteen person Board of Directors to oversee and guide activities. Membership includes individuals, businesses and organizations in over 26 states and 3 foreign countries.

EPAC Statement and Goals

  1. Develop a strong citizen awareness of Ethanol production and consumption and how it affects jobs, tax base, farm income and environment.
  2. Educate the population on the benefits of Ethanol as a clean, renewable and domestic source of energy.
  3. Demonstrate the value of co-products in the Ethanol process and how they benefit urban and rural communities.
  4. Cooperate with government agencies and institutions of higher education on issues pertaining to the production of Ethanol and the utilization of co-products.
  5. Expand markets by encouraging broad usage of Ethanol and the co-products.
  6. Sponsor displays, seminars and educators to provide current information.


EPAC booth display at the 20th Anniversary EPAC Biofuel Conference “The Biofuel Journey” June 2010

Attendees of the 20th Anniversary EPAC Biofuel Conference wear their favorite “ethanol” t-shirt to the Sunday evening reception sponsored by KATZEN International

Larry Johnson, Patsy Reimche, Dave Hallberg and Todd Sneller, Members of OFEC (Old Fogie Ethanol Coalition) take the stage for the first panel of the conference