Distiller Grains: Information

Ethanol is alcohol fuel made from the starch in a kernel of grain. Other nutrients, such as protein, fiber, germ, vitamins, and minerals remain in the mash that is left after the milling processing. A bushel of grain will yield by weight about 1/3 ethanol, 1/3 carbon dioxide, and 1/3 high protein distillers grains (dg). A sixty pound bushel of wheat will yield twenty pounds dg and about 2.5 gallons of ethanol.

Distillers grains are often utilized as a high protein supplement in livestock feed. However, dg are suitable for human consumption if you begin the process with human grade grain, and observe food quality standards through out the process.

Laboratory testing has been done on dg produced from wheat in a plant that maintained food quality standards. Test results from private labs and the U.S.D.A. lab at Beltsville, Md, proved protein content as high as 42%, and fiber content as high as 10%. Protein and fiber are associated with healthy diets. Recipes have been developed to utilize dg in foods such as cereal, crackers, cookies, cakes, pizza crust, summer sausage, meat balls and more.

Some U.S. grain is exported to parts of the world where people are desperate for food. Some countries lack the facilities necessary to prepare whole grain to a food form they can eat. Missionaries have told that some places do not have a heat source available with which to cook the raw grain. This could result in grain being under utilized.

A solution is to process grain to ethanol and distillers grains and ship the processed dg to other countries where it could be incorporated into traditional native foods, thereby enhancing their diet. Another choice is to develop the dg into a food bar, similar to a granola bar that is easily eaten, convenient to distribute, and full of nutrition because it includes the protein, fiber, germ, vitamins, and minerals from the grain.

EPAC has proposed, and, many congressmen support the idea of supplying dg foods to third world nations. They also support the idea of incorporating the nutritious dg into domestic food programs such as school lunches and meals on wheels.

EPAC asks your cooperation in gaining this worthy goal.

Distiller Grains Recipes: