Eat the Best Drive the Rest

In cooperation with Roger Conway, Director of the USDA Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, EPAC made a presentation at the USDA Office Building. The presentation, which showed why the food versus fuel issue is a fallacy was held on April 20, 2009 as part of Washington DC Earth Week activities.

Roger Conway, Director for the USDA Office of Energy Policy and New
Uses chats with Mrs. Dawn Ferguson, of the New Zealand embassy
following the Eat The Best Drive the Rest presentation.

Speakers included Roger Conway; Shirley Ball, Executive Director, EPAC, Nashua, MT; Kevin Hicks, Research Leader, Crop Conversion Science and Engineering Research at the USDA/ARS Eastern Regional Research Center, Wyndmoor, PA; Larry Schaefer, Sr. Advisor with the National Biodiesel Board, and Greg Krissik with ICM and Brittany and Kevin Ullrich with MOR Technology, Metropolis, IL.

Hicks spoke on a barley to ethanol process. Schaeffer told how biodiesel equals more fuel and more food. Greg Krissik explained about work being done to ensure that food values are retained in the ethanol process. The Ulrich’s showed their unique fractionation process to maximize the production of food grade distillers grains. All told that only starch or sugar in the grain becomes fuel, leaving all the nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamins and germ can be used in feed / food products. Papers by distinguished scientists explained that health benefits for diabetic and cardiac patients are associated with food prepared with DDG as an ingredient. The highlight was sampling the foods and snacks provided by EPAC that had been prepared using wheat distillers grains.

The immediate purpose of the April presentation was to counter the myth that the production and use of ethanol will cause hunger in the world. A secondary purpose is to encourage researchers and ethanol production facilities and companies to take an in depth look at what is needed to bring the DG to a higher value.