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Energy Division Of MT Department Of Commerce And Northern Ag Network  Joins List of Sponsors.

The Montana Energy Promotion and Development Division of the Montana Department of Commerce and the Northern Ag Network have joined the list of sponsors for the upcoming Biofuels conference that will be held in Billings June 24–26. The conference is presented annually by EPAC (Ethanol Producers And Consumers) a non profit membership organization that conducts educational events on biofuels. Other Sponsors for this 22nd annual conference include Montana Wheat and Barley Committee, Abener/Abengoa, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, KATZEN International, Cardno Entrix, CHS, River Bluff Technologies, Cary Street Partners, ASI Industrial of Billings, Lallemand Ethanol Technologies, BNSF Railroad, ICM, and National Corn Growers.

The conference, titled “Biofuels: Diversity Advances Growth” will be held at the Billings Hotel and Conference Center, beginning with a social hour on Sunday, June 24th at 6:30. Monday and Tuesday will feature speakers addressing a variety of issues surrounding biofuels including diverse types of feedstock such as barley, camolina, cellulosic materials and fungus. From new processing methods to financing a facility to fuel performance and marketing, this conference will give attendees an opportunity to hear from and meet one on one with industry experts.

A newly announced speaker is Dr. Gary Strobel; MSU Bozeman who is developing a fuel made from Endophytic Fungus. Other speakers are:

  • Brian Spangler, MT DEQ, will welcome attendees & provide an overview of Montana Renewable Fuels projects.
  • John Urbanchuk, Pennsylvania, Technical Director on Environmental Economics for Cardno Entrix, will provide an overview of the industry nationwide .
  • Bob Kearns will update about the Montana Microbial project to develop fish feed and co-products from barley.
  • Doug Durante, Executive Director of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition in Washington, DC will provide insights from the nation’s capitol.
  • Todd Sneller, Lincoln, Nebraska, with over 30 years experience in studying policies and processes for ethanol will talk about higher blends of ethanol.
  • Dan Schwartzkopf, Torrington, WY, with ICM, provides tech service for the US. Auto Club racing and will speak on air quality and use of higher blends of ethanol as a high powered grass roots race fuel.
  • Bret Healy, River Bluff Strategies, SD, will tell about a facility under construction that utilizes an anaerobic digester in conjunction with livestock feeding.
  • Tyler Krutzfeld, Managing Director for Mont Vista Capital will address investment in innovative energy. A native of Miles City, MT, Tyler lives in Miami, and his company assists biofuels facilities with financing issues.
  • Dr. Thomas Robb, Missouri, will provide the status of Abengoa’s Hugoton Cellulosic Ethanol Project in Kansas.
  • Stan Pence, Energy Trade Commissioner for the Canadian Consulate in Denver will speak on Biofuel production and processes and public policy in Canada.
  • Rob Vierhout, Brussels, Belgium, representing Epure, a European trade Association that promotes renewable ethanol, will tell about diverse feedstock used in Europe and policies that work well in Europe.
  • Phil Madson, Cincinnati, OH, with KATZEN International, will focus on how the Northwestern US and Canada can use the advanced biofuel part of the RFS2 to incorporate a variety of feedstocks and business models relevant to the region.
  • Howard Haines, with Montana DEQ will report on the use of biofuels in the state, and inform on current projects.
  • Greg Kegel is Dean of the College of Technical Sciences MSU Northern, Havre where they have been heavily involved in testing of biodiesel and how the indigenous biodiesel has powered railroad locomotives in the Havre switchyard.
  • Representatives from Earl Fisher Biofuels of Chester, MT will tell about production and use of biodiesel made from locally grown oilseed crops such as canola and/or camolina.
  • Kurt Rosentrater, Iowa State U, will speak on recent developments with distillers grains (DG) which are a valuable co-product in the ethanol process.
  • Doug Hagel, Billlings, Director of Risk Management Crop Insurance will talk on insurance issues for new crops that are grown for fuel.
  • Craig Pilgrim, Milwaukee, with Lallemand Ethanol Technology will explain about new technologies and will also present the Spirit of Ethanol Award.

Bios for the speakers and more details are on the EPAC web page, www.ethanolmt.org

EPAC has been a long time advocate for the production and use of biofuels, and the conference will showcase the possibilities for advanced biofuels that are available in this region of the nation. Montana has strong agricultural production with many diverse crops that can become biofuels. Crops such as oil seeds and small grains can be raised on farms in Montana, Saskatchewan, Idaho, and neighboring states and provinces and they have the possibility to be processed as an advanced fuel. Attendees can hear how advanced biofuels can benefit this region and how these clean, renewable fuels can replace the petroleum products imported from Mideast nations that use the dollars paid for oil in wars against this nation.


Conference Speaker Bios Added

We’ve just added pictures and bio’s of many of our conference speakers, available in our Breaking News Section.